FIFA reinforces the figure of the football coach in its regulations

It is working on modifications aimed at better legally covering the figure of the coach before the clubs and federations. FIFA may intervene in case of disputes that may arise regarding the figure of the coach, and there will be a hardening in case of breach of contracts.

They will focus on several issues.

.- Clarity on employment contracts in such a way that the coach’s contract must include essential aspects such as the rights and obligations of the parties, agreed remuneration.

.- Improvements in terms of contractual stability in labor relations between coaches and clubs or federations. These are provisions relating to the fulfillment of the contract, drafted in a similar way to those that exist for players. Thus, for example, specific provisions will be stipulated on the fulfillment of contracts, their expiration and the consequences of unilateral termination.

.- Provisions on overdue debts with coaches, in such a way that clubs and federations must fulfill their financial obligations according to the terms signed with their coaches. FIFA recognizes that the concept of past due debts has proven to be an effective tool for reinforcing contractual stability between clubs and players. Therefore, it is intended that these unpaid salaries to the coaches have the same effect.

.- Execution of economic decisions. In other words, the consequences that an economic breach can entail for any club or federation in relation to a coach. The consequences to be borne by clubs, federations or coaches in the event of non-compliance with a payment order issued by a FIFA decision-making body will be regulated in a very clear manner from FIFA.

All these modifications are expected to be approved by the FIFA Council next December to take effect immediately.

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