Monte Areo Sports  offers since 2003 a high professional multidisciplinary advisory and sport consulting services to sport personalities in any part of the world, offering a personalized service to the client, that operating in a sector in which, elite football players, coaches and clubs are compiting worldwide and therefore need the best professional and international level services.

We offer  personalised advice in legal  and employment matters for sportsmen and women, advicing in  any contractual matters, assisting in negotiating sports contracts and agreements of every kind such as  transfer contracts, providing advice and assistance in national and international transfers of players, assignments and transfers with retrocession agreements.

We represent legally our clients in sport sector about:

    • Employment contracts for sportsmen and women and for professional  involving provision of sporting services of all kinds.
    • Arbitration procedures at a national and international level in particular in FIFA and TAS-CAS  with legal representation in all kinds of sports arbitration (claims, disciplinary issues, doping, organisation of federative sports licences or federative restrictions on contracting).
    • Representation Agreements with agents and managers .
    • Advisory and consulting services in employment matters with an emphasis on special working relationships of sportsmen and women.
    • Management of companies and individual persons linked to the world of sport , including basic advice and consulting services in accounting, employment taxation and commercial matters as well as drafting of corporate articles and partnership agreements. This also involves drawing up internal and disciplinary regulations and opinions issued in respect of commercial restrictions within the framework of SAD, and obligations deriving from audiovisual legislation.
    • Jurisdictional procedures relating to the sports industry with special emphasis on those relating to those concerned with employment relations  in competitive procedures in the world of sport and in matters of competition law.